Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Health Class Refection

Since the start of this class I have learn a lot about drugs, STD's, stress and relationship. I Have expanded my knowledge of drugs, learning about Opium and Tranquilizers which have not been talked about. I also learned about some more long and short therm side effects that are common with most drugs. I learned some stuff about STD's, but I mostly learned how to prevent them. My last class did not specify other protection, or the preventing pregnancy options. When considering relationship, I learned about how you h=should never push you partner into sex and how to see if they are trying to push you in to sex.I also learned how sever and common depression really is. Health has taught me to be more reflective, showing me what to do in difficult situations, where I have to reflect on what will benefits me more in the future. I most enjoyed The stress section, wcich gave me some ideas about how to deal with stress.

Blog 7: Movie Thirteen

This movie should me why people take drugs. I have been very luck, going to schools with little bulling and no visible poverty. My life has been relatively stress free compared to the lower income family's. I also have have no contact with illegal drugs in real life. With that much family and school social stress I understand why they would take drugs. I gave me a new perspective on taking drug. It isn't a bunch of idiots Trying to be cool, there are reasons and in that situation it would be hard to resist. An unstable family is to common and in a poor neighborhoods it seems drugs are really available and used by most people . I think the scream at the end represents her relation of what has gone wrong with her life.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Social study's refection on unit #5

This social study's unit have a very small effect on my life. I have continued to use the same stratage and apply the same ideal's.

Monday, April 6, 2015

History 9, reflections core value #1

In Social study's I am strong critical Thinker. I often find important points to convey the whole idea and to find the counter arguments to see the whole picture and asses the better side.

 my weakness for the class is communication. I have a hard time writing the points for essays, and conveying a point in a concise manner. It also takes me a while to write, linting my communication. I plan to Improve my preparation for the tests so I have preformed points making it go quicker, so I can revise, improving the quality of the paper. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Opening Question to Statistics

In The opening problem the present to you a study of the heights of 1432 year 10 girls carted in a frequency table. the quantitative data was collected as a range of heights (ex. 120-129 , 130,139 ). it was collected like this because it is continuous data, so they have to be put in gropes and they cant make the groups too small or they will be to many sections. to clarify, when it says 130-139 it means
 129.5-139.4. with this data you can see that it has a positive skews, meaning most girls are taller. their are outliers to the data that should be removed. if you find the median you can find the center of the distribution and the 2 quartiels to find the distribution of the data.

Here is some ways to represent the data:
frequency chart:


box plot:

Monday, January 26, 2015

Learning Strategy

Learning strategy are very important when you are in school. In school you generally want to memorize thing,so you can use note cards, Make phases of connections to something you know, or review assignments. It is also important to reflect on you assignments and be curios about things, when you finish a test you shouldn't just look at the grade and then leave it, Look at the questions you got right or wrong and see what you did to cause that. And if there is an assignment that interests you that don't just treat it like any other paper, look into it.

To Help with memory I most often use other assignments and review them. This helps because I already know what I wrote so I can easily remember it. I am having a weekly review of how school is going to just see what my grades are and how I like it which helps me set goals. I also always look into things that interests me when it comes up, to see if I really like it.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Science Goals

Learning Habits

    • Area of Strength: Curious
    • Area of Weakness: reflective

Area of Strength - How will you use this characteristic to effectively meet your goal?
Area of Weakness - How will you work on this area to effectively meet your goal?

I will use my curiosity to get more information on the topics we are currently working on.

I will try and reflect on all my projec that I can improve my next project.


    • Area of Strength: Curious My grade goal: 90
    • Area of Weakness: reflective
What I need to do:
Areas of strength- How will you use this characteristic to effectively meet your goal?
Areas of weaknesses
How will you work on this area to effectively meet your goal?

I will use my curiosity to get more information on the topics we are currently working on.

I will try and reflect more on the work so that I can improve my next project.